X-Man Hong 5x5 M cube only
X-Man Hong 5x5 M poster 1
X-Man Hong 5x5 M line up
X-Man Hong 5x5 M core design
X-Man Hong 5x5 M grip size
X-Man Hong 5x5 M lightweight design
X-Man Hong 5x5 M UV coated surface cube
X-Man Hong 5x5 M corner cutting performance
X-Man Hong 5x5 M rounded corner design
X-Man Hong 5x5 M torpedo and groove design

X-Man Hong 5x5 M

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The X-Man XMD Hong 5x5M is a new cube added into the QiYi's X-Man Design line up in year 2024, with emphasis focused on overall cube performance with the latest flagship innovation. The X-Man Hong's key features include:

  • Ball-core magnet system to aid positioning on core-corner, providing exceptional solving experience.
  • Comes with UV-enhanced coated surface for improved durability and grip.
  • Optimized rounded corners for better corner cutting experience.
  • Anti-pop and corner twist design improving cube stability.
  • Optimized groove design of edge piece surface for better turning experience and lubricant retention.
Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
61 x 61 x 61
Color Full-Bright Stickerless (UV Coated)
Weight 130g