About Us


CuberSpace is a Singapore based online puzzle store committed to provide customers with a superior online shopping experience, excellent puzzle variety, high quality product, and variety of puzzle options from all around the world.

We are capable of getting any cubes that you need. Our aim is to make it simple for everyone, so sit back and relax while we do all the necessary works.

Regardless of whether you are a competitive speedsolver or puzzle enthusiast, CuberSpace have everything that you need here.

Our Brand

The name 'CuberSpace' comes from the idea of The Universe whereby all the planets and lives exist. From the idea of creating a universe specifically for puzzle solver or speedcubers, the name was born. We strive for the biggest and best thing on earth!

Our History

CuberSpace was first launched on Carousell. After obtaining attention in Singapore's toy and puzzle industry, we then expanded by starting our online shop and adding more variety of puzzles.

We are looking forward to expand our brand to other countries in Asia with our custom made puzzle solutions and speedcube services in near future.

Our Future

CuberSpace is constantly expanding just like how the Universe expands after the Big-Bang! We will be hiring experienced speedcuber to expand our company. If you are looking for a friendly and fun team to work with, you have got to the correct place! Feel free to let us know more about yourself at admin@cuberspace.shop