Team CuberSpace is a sponsorship program which acquires local (Singapore) speedcubers to join as a team. We welcome content creators, influencers, world-class speedcubers and speedcube enthusiasts to join our program to become a part of the family, with the aim to regularly collaborate with one another to improve yourself while contributing to the speedcube community in Singapore.

Our expectation for members of Team CuberSpace?

Team CuberSpace members are required to promote CuberSpace in exchange for their sponsorship. As a part of our family, we expect sponsees to be active in their respective social media platforms and constantly improve themselves in their speedcube career.


We sponsor cubers based on their social media presence and/or their WCA official records. Please keep in mind that these qualifications are subject to change at any time and that meeting our qualifications does not guarantee you a sponsorship. Only Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) holders are eligible for this sponsorship.

Instagram Influencer / Speedcube Enthusiast

A minimum of 300 followers on instagram account with no less than 50 likes per post. The instagram posts must focus mainly on cubing content. You do not have to be an expert in speedcubing, as long as you are a speedcube enthusiast who shares cubing related posts.

YouTube Content Creator

The videos on your YouTube channel must be engaging for the audience, along with high quality content. Cubing content must be the core of this channel. A minimum of 1,000 views per video is preferred.

WCA Speedcuber / Record Holder

An all-rounder in WCA competitions, or ranked top 10 in any events, being one of the Singapore's National Record (NR) Holder.

Application Submission

Make sure you have read the qualification criteria and understand our expectations for you to become part of Team CuberSpace. If you do not meet any of the qualifications stated above, do not worry! We welcome you to submit your application and tell us more about how you could contribute to the speedcubing community and why you think we should consider your application.

If you have decided to be part of our team, click the link below to submit your application and understand more about the benefits of this sponsorship:

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