MoYu WRM V10 Spring Core 20-Mag Ball Core
MoYu WRM V10 - Main Image
MoYu WRM V10 - Dual Adjustment design
MoYu WRM V10 - Dual Adjustment detail
MoYu WRM V10 - Dual adjustment tool
MoYu WRM V10 - Ball core positioning 3.0 design
MoYu WRM V10 - Magnetic System 100 magnet
MoYu WRM V10 - Maglev suspension repulsion system
MoYu WRM V10 - Magnetic attraction and repulsion design
MoYu WRM V10 - V shaped cross section
MoYu WRM V10 - Anti pop design
MoYu WRM V10 - Matte & UV Edition (magic cloth)
MoYu WRM V10 Series model summary table
MoYu WRM V10 Maglev Core 20 Magnet Ball Core

MoYu WeiLong WRM V10

Regular price $46.90

The MoYu WeiLong WRM V10 is the flagship 3x3 speedcube series introduced by MoYu in 2024, offering the best performing product with optimised features, including:

  • New 8-level adjustable tension and 8-level adjustable elasticity design.
  • Core options to choose from: Maglev (for speed, reduced friction) OR Spring (for more control).
  • New Ball-core positioning 3.0 system which provides stronger, omni-directional magnetic feedback, up to 20 core magnets.
  • Anti-pop design and enhanced corner cutting with optimized curvature design.
  • Nano UV coated surface, providing durable surface and improved grippiness.
  • New adjustment tool in the package.
  • Optional 20-Magnet Ball-Core Edition is available, offering full-fledge magnetic positioning capabilities.
Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
55 x 55 x 55
Color Full Bright Stickerless
Weight 69g (Spring 20-Mag BC), 73g (Maglev 20-Mag BC)