RS3M V5 - Dual Adjustment
RS3M V5 Main Image
RS3M V5 - Poster 1
RS3M V5 Poster 2
RS3M V5  - Lighter Fater
RS3M V5 - Lighter, Smaller Magnet
RS3M V5 - Magnetic Layout
RS3M V5  - Core Design
RS3M V5 - Magnetic Levitation
RS3M V5 - Elasticity System
RS3M V5 - Corner Cutting
RS3M V5 - Dragon Scale
RS3M V5 - UV Coating Nano Coating
RS3M V5 - Dual Adjustment
RS3M V5 - Dual Adjustment
RS3M V5 - Circular Design
RS3M V5 - Anti-Pop design
RS3M V5 - Comparison Chart
RS3M V5 - Dual Adjustment + Robot
RS3M V5 - Maglev + Robot
RS3M V5 - Maglev BC + UV + Robot

MoYu RS3M V5 Magnetic Speedcube

Regular price $12.90

The RS3M V5 is the latest upgrade introduced by MoYu in late 2023, which features a whole new revamp to its famous and iconic RS3M line up, featuring:

  • Simplified internal structure and smaller but stronger magnets, reducing the weight down to just 65g.
  • *Optional* Ball-Core magnetic positioning on top of edge and corner magnets, maximizing overall cube performance and stability.
  • *Optional* Maglev core system which reducing the cube's core friction significantly, increasing overall rotation speed.
  • Up to 55° corner cut angle, and up to 35° reverse corner-cut angle with adjustable tension and compression systems.
  • 4 different versions to choose from: Magnetic, Magnetic Dual Adjustment, Maglev and Maglev Ball-Core UV edition.
Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
55.5 x 55.5 x 55.5
Color Full-Bright Stickerless (Matte or UV)
Weight 65g ~ 75g