aohun wrm 2020 megaminx stickerless main
moyu aohun wrm 2020 magnetic layout
moyu aohun wrm 2020 dual adjustment system
moyu aohun wrm 2020 dual adjustment instructions
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moyu aohun wrm 2020 megaminx ridged design
moyu aohun wrm megaminx center piece design
moyu aohun wrm 2020 stickerless design

MoYu AoHun WRM Megaminx

Regular price $37.90

The MoYu AoHun WRM is a flagship megaminx introduced by MoYu featuring its premium line up WRM.

The MoYu AoHun WRM Megaminx features:

  • 120 pieces magnets with precise installation onto its magnet slots.
  • World's first megaminx with upgraded Dual Adjustment System, along with 9 levels of elasticity and manual screw adjustment, providing absolute¬†versatility for set up.
  • A smaller dimension, at just 3cm side length, making it smaller and light.
  • Ridges along the edges to provide greater grip.
  • A rounded center piece design, allowing superb corner cutting capability.
Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
90 x 88 x 73
Color Stickerless
Weight 128.0g