HuaMeng YS3M 3x3
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ys3m 3x3 full magnetic core
ys3m nano magic cloth UV edition
ys3m ball core positioning
ys3m auto homing ability
ys3m magnetic positioning
ys3m dragon scale groove design
ys3m corner cutting ability
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HuaMeng YS3M 3x3
HuaMeng YS3M 3x3
HuaMeng YS3M 3x3
HuaMeng YS3M 3x3

HuaMeng YS3M 3x3

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The HuaMeng YS3M is a newly redesigned cube by MoYu, in collaboration with WCA World Record Holder, YuSheng Du. This reinvented cube, the YS3M features:

  • Fully magnetized speedcube, providing consistent performance throughout your solve.
  • Dual adjustment system, allowing versatile tension and elasticity adjustment.
  • Core and Corner positioning system, further stabilising cube with stronger magnetic feedbacks. (Optional)
  • Maglev tensioning system, reducing mechanical friction from the cube, providing exceptional smoothness with every move. (Optional)
  • UV Coating for improved scratch resistance and extra grippiness.
  • Dragon scale groove design for lubricant retention and friction reduction.
  • Exceptional corner cutting experience, up to 55° forward corner cut, and 35° reverse corner cutting.
  • Comes with tension adjustment tools, instruction manual, MoYu card and a screwdriver. 
Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
55 x 55 x 55
Sticker Stickerless
Weight 76g, 80g, 83g