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GAN 11 M

Regular price $52.90 Sale price $47.90

The GAN 11 M features similar design to its enhanced model, the GAN 11 M Pro. The GAN 11 M has all the features on the GAN 11 M Pro except the magnetic core system and adjustable magnets.

The GAN 11 M comes with edge-corner positioning system which enhances the cube performance with additional magnetic feedback bumps on every single rotation.

The GAN 11M weighs merely 56g which is super lightweight and provides extremely fast and precise speedcubing experience.

Only available in primary internal version.

The GAN 11 M comes with:

  • GAN Cube Bag
  • GAN CFOP Tutorial
  • GAN11M Series Tuning Tutorial
  • GAN Box V3 (Transparent)
  • Extra GTN and Adjustment tool
Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
56 x 56 x 56
Color Full-Bright Stickerless
Weight 56g