GAN 356 Air UM - CuberSpace
GAN 356 Air UM - CuberSpace

GAN 356 Air UM

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The GAN356 Air UM is a magnetized GAN356 Air Ultimate, previous GAN’s flagship 3x3. The Air UM is one of the mass produced magnetic 3x3 speedcube from GANCube.

The Air UM offers an outstanding blend of lightness and stability, along with a unique tactile feel thanks to the cube’s magnetic pieces. The attraction between pieces also provides significant reductions in overshooting and locking up.

Comes with a pair of tensioning tools, an Ultimate VIP card, a package containing the six other GES nuts. 

Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
56 x 56 x 56
Sticker GAN Full-bright Stickers
Weight 75.5g