GAN 14 PRO UV Magnetic 3x3 Main Product Image
GAN 14 PRO UV Magnetic 3x3 Poster 1
GAN 14 PRO UV Magnetic 3x3 Torpedo design
GAN 14 PRO UV Magnetic 3x3 new adjustment tool
GAN 14 PRO UV Magnetic 3x3 Summary Poster
GAN 14 PRO UV Magnetic 3x3 transparent backgroun design

GAN 14 Maglev Pro UV

Regular price $129.90

The GAN 14 Maglev Pro is a flagship speedcube designed with emphasis on versatility and weight reduction, an upgrade from the GAN 14 Maglev with added features including:

  • New Anti-Pop Torpedo design
  • New Adjustment Tool
  • Up to 1296 tuning configurations to meet speedcuber’s preferred choice of setup
  • Upgraded and enhanced numerical tuning system (GES V3) with 6 magnetic repulsion settings for tension adjustment and 6 travel distance elasticity settings
  • Adjustable corner magnets (up to 12 levels with interchangeable magnetic core stem) and edge magnets (3 levels)
  • Auto-aligning capability up to 40 degrees
  • The package includes: An ID card, beginner tutorial card, GAN14 Maglev Pro user manual, GAN Box V11, GAN Bag, Beginner CFOP Tutorial, and New GAN adjustment tool.
Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
56 x 56 x 56
Shade Full-Bright Stickerless (UV)
Weight 71g