tengyunv3m- stickerless design
tengyun v3m packaging with cube
tengyun v3m cube with accessories box and packaging
tengyun v3m cube and box
tengyun v3m - cube case and accessories case
Dayan tengyun v3m case
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tengyunv3m- stickered design

DaYan TengYun 3x3 V3 M

Regular price $49.90

The TengYun V3M is a redesign of its predecessor, released in 2023. The TengYun V3 M features:

  • Edge-Corner Dual Position magnet adjustment
  • 60 adjustable settings to match your favourite setup.
  • New corner piece pattern for additional lubricant retention and reduced friction.
  • Adjustable corner piece magnets to apply different magnetic strength.
  • Different sets of gear available in orange, white and green for axis distance adjustment, along with 4-level adjustable elasticity setting.
  • Repeatable axis distance and elasticity settings, with the removal of screw from the core.
  • Comes with additional accessories box containing the adjustment tool, cube bag, screwdriver, instruction manual and cube solving tutorial.
Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
55.5 x 55.5 x 55.5

Full-Bright Stickerless


Half-Bright Stickers

Weight 79.0g