cuberspace premium vita+ 3cc and 5cc bottle
cuberspace premium vita+ silicone based lubricant
cuberspace premium vita+ 10cc and 5cc bottles
cuberspace premium vita+performance chart
cuberspace premium vita+ 10cc bottle

CSE Premium Vita+

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vita+ performance chart

CuberSpace Vita+ is the very first silicone based lubricant developed by CuberSpace. This lubricant packs with some unique features and provides vitality to your speedcube!

The Vita+ features a plush, buttery and smooth solving experience. Vita+ is a high viscosity lubricant, specializes in speeding up your cube and last up to thousands of solves without drying up.

At half the price of Cubicle Labs Silk, you are bound to get more than what you are paying! With just 2 drops of Vita+ you will be able to revitalize your dying puzzle.

Available in 3cc, 5cc and 10cc bottles.

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