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Angstrom Research Celeritas - CuberSpace
Angstrom Research Celeritas - CuberSpace

Angstrom Research Celeritas

The Angstrom Celeritas is made out of two-part lubricant.  Angstrom Celeritas undergoes a chemical reaction when the two components are mixed to provide optimal lubrication property.

It features:

  • Silicone suspension of carbon based monomers can be found in Reagent A.
  • The silicone and special additives prevent the monomers from cross-linking prematurely, until it is mixed with Reagent B.
  • Reagent B is used to activate the chemical reaction in Reagent A, and cross-links all of the monomers to produce a unique gliding feeling in the cube upon mixture.
  • It also extends the longevity of this feeling, allowing this gliding feeling to persist throughout common usage of the puzzle.
  • Celeritas is a lubricant which combines multiple lubricant features into one single product.
  • USAGE:
  1. Add 1-2 drops reagent A into a clean, dry cube which has been cleaned of previous lubricant. Add in adequate amount as excessive amount will result in overly slow cube.
  2. Scramble and solve twice with Reagent A applied to ensure even distribution of the lube.
  3. Then, add 2-3 drops of Reagent B, and quickly begin to turn the puzzle to allow consistent reaction between the two Reagents.
  • Having Problems? The cube may either be too fast, or too slow. Here are some fixes:
  1. If it is too fast, it is recommended to use a heavy silicone to slow the puzzle down.
  2. If it is too slow, we recommend cleaning the puzzle out, and adding less Reagent A.

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