Delivery Service Update

Introducing bluPort

CuberSpace is currently partnering with Blu to provide seamless delivery experience to all our alien speedcubers!
What's more exciting is the price! At a flat rate of 2.50SGD, you are bound to enjoy the quickest and easiest delivery available in Singapore. At the same time, CuberSpace will be providing free delivery services for purchase amount above 40.00SGD.

Why bluPort?

Instead of waiting for your parcel, let the parcel wait for you! Parcel collection is available 24/7 at any of the bluPort collection point, retrieve it anytime you want! No more worries about camping at home waiting for the delivery man to knock on your door!

Important Notes

By default, CuberSpace will be sending your parcel to the nearest available Blu port collection point based on your shipping address.

Prefer another bluPort collection point? Just simply put an extra comment before checking out! It is as simple as that!

What are you waiting for? Just checkout now to try it out now!
To obtain real-time update on your parcel delivery, you can download the application from the links below.
Android version: Download Here
Apple IOS version: Download Here