yongjun yj zhilong mini 4x4 m
yongjun yj zhilong mini 4x4 stickerless cube
yongjun yj zhilong 4x4 stickerless magnetic speedcube
yongjun yj zhilong mini 4x4 m packaging display
YJ ZhiLong mini 4x4 accessories

YJ ZhiLong Mini 4x4 M

Regular price $15.90

The YJ ZhiLong Mini series features a relatively smaller puzzle size which was designed to match those who prefer smaller speedcube size without losing performance.

The YJ ZhiLong Mini 4x4 M features:

  • Similar performance to the YJ YuSu V2M
  • 96 pieces of precisely installed magnets
  • Rounded center pieces for greater corner cutting performance
  • Super lightweight at just 95g
  • Smaller footprint at 56mm wide
  • Comes with additional instruction manual, 8 pieces of extra magnets, adjustment tool, cube stand and instruction manual
Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
56 x56 x 56
Color Half-Bright Stickerless
Weight 95g