XMan Deisgnflare 2x2 M stickerless model
XMD flare 2x2 Magnetic speedcube with box
XMD flare 2x2 M Internal look
X-Man Design flare 2x2 M Cube Only
X-Man Design Flare 2x2M unique look 45 degree
XMD flare 2x2 M Box
XMD flare 2x2 Magnetic speedcube in black
XMD Flare 2x2 M Main 1
XMD Flare 2x2 M Main 2 core weight
XMD Flare 2x2 M visible magnets
XMD Flare 2x2 M magnetic system
XMD Flare 2x2 M contact surface
XMD Flare 2x2 M corner cutting performance
XMD Flare 2x2 M center piece positioning
XMD Flare 2x2 M stickerless edition
XMD Flare 2x2 M black edition
XMD Flare 2x2 M Main edit
XMD Flare 2x2 M display box
XMD Flare 2x2 M instruction and tutorial

X-Man Flare 2x2 M

Regular price $19.90

The X-Man Flare 2x2 M is a premium magnetic flagship 2x2 speedcube introduced by QiYi MoFangGe.

The XMD Flare 2x2 M features:

  • Stable, outstanding and optimized performance by doubling the magnets installed
  • An adjustable magnet system which allow 3 different settings, namely 'Light', 'Moderate', and 'Strong'
  • Exceptional solving experience with its slightly larger 51mm size yet lightweight design
  • Comes with the puzzle, instruction manual and an attractive display box
Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
51 x 51 x51

Half-Bright Stickered


Half-Bright Stickerless

Weight 64.8g