RS3M UV Coated Cube
RS3M UV Coated - Poster 1
RS3M UV Coated - Poster 2
RS3M UV Coated - High Contrast
RS3M UV Coated - Dual Adjustment System
RS3M UV Coated - Magnetic Positioning
RS3M UV Coated - Anti-Pop
RS3M UV Coated - Lightweight Design
RS3M UV Coated - Anti Sticky

RS3M UV Coated Edition 3x3

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The MoYu RS3M UV Edition is the upgraded version with UV-Enhanced Surface Coating on top of the iconic performance of the RS3M 2020. The package comes with adjustment tools, MoYu display stand, and a solution pamphlet.

Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
56 x 56 x 56
Color Full-Bright Stickerless (MoYu Color Scheme)
Weight 85.6g


Additional magnet kit would provide a stronger magnetic feel with improved alignment. This kit comes with 25 pieces of N35 (4mm x2mm) magnets which does not require any glue to install. Simply drop 2 pieces of magnets to each edge pieces, just on top of the existing magnet in order to complete the process.