QiYi MS 4x4 - CuberSpace
QiYi MS 4x4 - CuberSpace
QiYi MS 4x4 - CuberSpace

QiYi MS 4x4

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The QiYi MS 4x4 is a magnetic 4x4 speedcube introduced by QiYi MoFangge in year 2020. The MS Series is introduced to provide exceptional performance at an affordable price range.

The QiYi MS 4x4 features:

  • A smooth and stable feel with a mixture of moderate to strong magnetic strength installed which provides exceptional speedsolving experience
  • A simple internal design with minimal anti-sticking groove design and a rounded corner piece
  • QiYi MS 4x4 also comes at a slightly larger dimension which is 62mm wide
  • Fast and controllable speedcube experience out of the box
  • Performance which is better than most of the premium 4x4 speedcube available in the market, exceeding our expectation for a budget magnetic 4x4
  • The QiYi MS 4x4 is factory lubricated out of the box, providing the speedcube a fast and smooth feel
  • Comes with an attractive M-Box which allows display of your 4x4 speedcube
Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
62 x 62 x 62
Half-Bright Stickerless
Weight 135.6g