ms3v1 standard edition primary internal
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ms3v1 stickerless cube with primary internal
ms3-v1 enhanced edition black internal
ms3v1 standard edition black internal
ms3v1 enhanced edition primary internal
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MSCube MS3-V1

Regular price $38.90

The MSCube is a new Speedcube manufacturer which is founded by GAN's ex-designer. The cube design features are alike the premium GAN flagship cubes at a fraction of its cost.

The MS3-V1 features:

  • Sturdy torpedo design which prevents cube popping
  • Lightweight design
  • Web-like grooves on contact surfaces
  • New dual magnetic system located on edge piece and center piece (Enhanced version ONLY)
  • New core design with interchangeable core
  • Adjustable core tension with 5 different settings
  • Silent and smooth solving experience out of the box !
  • Comes with additional cores, MSCube pouch and cubestand
Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
55.5 x 55.5 x 55.5
Sticker Full-Bright Stickerless
Weight 79g

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