gan11m duo frosted stickerless with cube box and magnets
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GAN11M Duo

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    The GAN 11 M Duo is the latest release from GANcube featuring similar Omni-directional core positioning system alike the GAN 11 M Pro.

    The GAN 11 M Duo is essentially a LITE version of GAN11M Pro, with the interchangeable magnetic core stem at the corner and adjustable magnet system removed, sacrificing less significant features for a more budget friendly option for speedcubers!

    The GAN 11M Duo now weighs even lighter than the GAN11M Pro, at just 59g. The GES Pro, a combination of GTN and Numerical tuning are built into this cube, allowing extra room for elasticity adjustment.

    The GAN 11 M Duo comes with:

    • GAN Cube Bag
    • GAN CFOP Tutorial
    • GAN11M Series Tuning Tutorial
    • GAN Box V7 (Push and Pop design)
    • Extra GES and Adjustment tool
    • GAN VIP Card
    Properties Descriptions
    Dimension (mm)
    56 x 56 x 56
    Color Full-Bright Stickerless
    Weight 59g