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DaYan GuHong V4M

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The DaYan GuHong V4M is an upgrade from its predecessor, the GuHong V3M.

DaYan GuHong V4M features:

  • Super lightweight design, at just 67g with magnets installed.
  • Slightly larger dimension of 56mm.
  • Wave-like design on the contact surfaces, alike TengYun 2x2M.
  • Offers performance similar to the flagship DaYan puzzles at a fraction of its cost.
  • Relatively strong magnets installed out of the box.
  • Puzzle is pre-lubed out of the box
  • Includes DaYan cube bag, one screwdriver and a CFOP instruction manual.
Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
56 x 56 x 56



Half-Bright Stickered

Weight 67g

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