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GAN 14 Maglev [Frosted/UV]

Regular price $119.90

The GAN 14 Maglev is the latest flagship release from GANCube in 2023. The GAN 14 Maglev is a speedcube designed with emphasis on versatility and lightweight. The GAN 14 Maglev features:

  • Up to 1296 tuning configurations to meet speedcuber’s preferred choice of setup.
  • Upgraded and enhanced numerical tuning system (GES V3) with 6 magnetic repulsion settings for tension adjustment and 6 travel distance elasticity settings.
  • Adjustable corner magnets (up to 12 levels with interchangeable magnetic core stem) and edge magnets (3 levels).
  • Auto-aligning capability up to 40 degrees.
  • The package includes: An ID card, beginner tutorial card for smartcube, GAN14 Maglev user manual, GAN Box V11, GAN Bag, Beginner CFOP Tutorial, and GAN adjustment tool.
  • Available in UV Coated or frosted (matte) edition.


    Properties Descriptions
    Dimension (mm)
    56 x 56 x 56
    Shade Full-Bright Stickerless (UV/Frosted)
    Weight 71g