CSE Premium ChuWen M

CSE Premium ChuWen M

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Shipping Notice: This is a custom-made item that requires up to 8 business days (M-F) for completion due to low manpower. It will be expected to deliver within 2 weeks time.

The MoHuan ShouSu ChuWen has already been replaced with Full Fitted Stickers.


The MoHuan ShouSu ChuWen 2x2 is from MoHuan ShouSu (a sub-brand of MoYu), designed by former 4x4 WR holder Zhang HaiXu. This cube is designed to reduce lockups and improves corner-cutting.Highly recommended to be a 2x2 main!

*Only 20 pieces available*

Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
50 x 50 x 50

Black Stickered

Weight 91g