Chinese New Year 2021 Special Deal

Celebrating 2021 with a great start with Chinese New Year's Special Offer! In this festive season, we are offering up to 20% off and special deal for limited edition GAN 'NIU' Year Stickers!
chinese new year 2021 cuberspace discount


BUY ANY 3x3 and GET NIU Edition Stickers at 50% off!

2021 CNY Discount code 1

SPEND $50 and GET 10% OFF!

2021 CNY Discount Code 2

SPEND $88 and GET 15% OFF!

2021 CNY Discount Code 3

SPEND $188 and GET 20% OFF!

2021 CNY Discount Code 4

Terms and Condition

  • Promotion is valid from 4 February to 18 February 2021.

  • No stacking of discount code is allowed.

  • Minimum purchase quantity must be met based on discount code applied.

  • Limited to 20 redemptions per discount code.